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355 sqm
3 Floors
5 Bedrooms
5 Bathrooms
2 Carports


This three-story modern house maximizes the longitudinal lot to include 4 spacious bedrooms – with one bedroom at the ground floor ideal for those living with the elderly —  one of which can serve as a den or guest room. Maids’ and drivers’ quarters are also strategically located next to the kitchen and utility area, and accessible to the carport.

A third floor is added for a multi-purpose family area and office, opening out to a roof deck to have a good view of the surroundings. The roof deck is also ideal to entertain guests or hang out.

Storage is also maximized in each room, as well as use of the space under the stairs.

The open plan of the living, dining and kitchen areas are made bigger by having sliding doors that open to the outdoor. A cozy lanai is located right outside the dining area to extend the visual space.

Minimum Lot Size: (12m x 22.5m) 270sqm


Structure OnlyP4,970,000 – P5,680,000
Semi-FinishedP6,390,000 – P7,100,000
Standard FinishesP7,810,000 – P8,520,000
Choice FinishesP9,230,000 – P10,650,000


  1. Mirror image of plan
  2. Increase size of lot


  1. No canopy over carport
  2. Remove stone-cladded low wall at front of house
  3. Reduce all window and door heights to 2.1 meters
  4. Remove vehicular gate

I like this design, but it wouldn’t fit my lot. What can we do?

Email us a copy of your lot plan at and the PHD code of the house design you like, and we can advise (for free!) if and how the plan can be adjusted to your lot.

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  1. Jason Woodruff

    This site is really good, and full of great projected costs, broken down into building stages for budgeting family’s.

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